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Below are a number of videos that are meant to augment the existing documentation.

More will be added over time. If you have a suggestion for a video, post a comment on our forum.

Most Recent Additions

Map Overlay (3:15, 21.3 MB)

This video demonstrates how you can add an “overlay” image between the Map background image and the obscurity layers to simulate weather conditions or other special effects.

Miscellaneous Things (6:05, 20.9 MB)

This video illustrates a number of small “miscellaneous” features in a single place. Included are “line of sight,” Icon scaling and updated Icon rendering.

Tutorial Videos (4:11, 19.4 MB)

This video demonstrates the integrated tutorial video dialog.

Post Effects (10:55, 70.9 MB)

This video describes how to add and use “post effects” (that is, Visual Effects that happen after a roll is made).

New Program Modes (8:41, 47.1 MB)

This video demonstrates two new modes available in the program: player Map view and “Master Mode.”

Multiple Program Instances (7:36, 33.9 MB)

This video describes the “black art” of running multiple copies of the program simultaneously on the same machine.

Level Change (4e) (6:39, 28.0 MB)

Tokenizer gets a number of new features to make it even more powerful.

Inventory Redone (6:20, 24.4 MB)

This video illustrates a complete re-working of Icon Inventory, making it truly worthwhile to have Icons carrying other Icons in their Inventory.

Icon Effects Again (15:13, 54.4 MB)

Tokenizer gets a number of new features to make it even more powerful.

Handy Scripts (5:38, 22.2 MB)

This video describes two very handy scripts: teleport (which works with any game system) and “level-up” (which is “4e-specific,” but can be modified for other systems as well).

Tokenizer Improvements (4:29, 7.2 MB)

Tokenizer gets a number of new features to make it even more powerful.

XP Awards (19:35, 55.6 MB)

XP awards have been revamped to make them easier to use.

“Soft-Disabled” Rolls (4:16, 13.7 MB)

Flexible game systems require flexible rules for when (and if) a roll should be “unavailable.”

Implements (14:57, 55.6 MB)

Some game systems (like “4e”) allow rolls to be enhanced by combining the use of an “implement.”

kLoOge.MonsterBuilder (13:14, 30.3 MB)

A completely new application to aid in creating “4e” monsters for use with kLoOge.Werks.

Dice Panels – Revisited (32:25, 84.6 MB)

A complete re-envisioning of Dice Panels makes them more powerful and easier to use.

Icon Effects – Revisited (7:23, 18.1 MB)

Expanding on the already powerful Icon Effects to make them even better.

Icon Quick Stats (5:21, 15.6 MB)

More than just “quick stats” — it you’re not using them, then, perhaps, you should reconsider.

Armor (7:53, 18.9 MB)

Dealing with armor, protection and armor class has never been easier.

4e (51:58, 175.6 MB)

The fourth edition of D&D is out and we’re happy to support it.

Auto-Apply HP Adjustments (6:31, 9.4 MB)

An old feature resurfaces with new powers.

Map Borders (3:27, 31.3 MB)

Expand the reach of Maps without changing their images.

Add Multiple Targets (1:37, 3.8 MB)

Select multiple Icons and add them as targets in a single step.

Map Grids (4:59, 26.3 MB)

More options for grids makes it easier to align them with images that contain their own grids.

Player Icon Browsing (3:47, 27.5 MB)

Players can browse and pick the PC Icons they want to play.

Regions and Drawn Items (4:37, 15.5 MB)

Polygonal regions make it easier to select odd shapes, plus new features for creating Drawn Items.

Roll Quantities (4:28, 13.6 MB)

Handle complex rolls by defining quantities.

Experimental Features (4:47, 31.4 MB)

Some things are just for show.

Bonjour (4:34, 13.3 MB)

Forget about setting up ports for local games.

Older Videos

Tokenizer (34.4 MB)

Create eye-catching Icon images without third-party software.

Client Connections (16.2 MB)

An all new way of joining and managing games.

Map “Battle Bar” (27.5 MB)

A more informative view of combat.

Snap to Grid (8.1 MB)

A number of people have asked for it. Now it’s here: grid snap.

Dodge (4.8 MB)

If you use 3rd Edition, then you may appreciate the new ease of setting up the “dodge” feat.

Icon Effects (29.2 MB)

A powerful and flexible way to apply roll modifiers for a fixed amount of time.

Ring Effects (9.6 MB)

A powerful and flexible way to apply roll modifiers for a fixed amount of time.

Combat (28 MB)

Starting, advancing and ending the combat sequence is easy, once you know how.

Chatting (6.3 MB)

Enter chat messages and save chat history as HTML.

Edit Icon (7.4 MB)

Edit an Icon’s attributes with the “Edit Icon” dialog.

Multi-Stage Movement (3.8 MB)

Move Icons non-linearly.

Arbitrary Rolls (4.8 MB)

An easy way to make an arbitrary roll for any number of Icons.

Map Links (3.5 MB)

Place Icons on a Map that link to another Map.

Spell Setup (27.1 MB)

Quickly and easily set up spells for spell-casting characters.

URL Icons (2.5 MB)

Place an Icon on a Map that links to a website or external file.

Visual Effects (20.2 MB)

Explore how easy it is to add visual flare to expressions.

Client Obscurement (18.9 MB)

Client obscurement and “fog of war” are advanced, but very useful features.

Icon Browser (9.2 MB)

The Icon Browser is a powerful tool for managing a “database” of exported Icons.

Running Scripts (14.8 MB)

Writing scripts may not be for everyone, but running them shouldn’t be a daunting task.