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 Game Master View Player (client) View
Game Master View Player (client) View
 Integrated Dice Roller
Integrated Dice Roller



Written in Java tm
Runs on Windows�, Linux and Mac OS X�
LAN or Internet play
Use any GIF, JPEG or PNG image as a map or icon
Configurable map scale
Variable zoom levels
Custom dice
Dice can play random sounds
Export character sheets as HTML
Unexplored area concealment
Animated GIF icon support
WAV and AU audio file support
Icons can be invisible to players
Variable transparency on any icon
Character sheet stats automatically create dice expressions
Event sounds
Animated spell effects
Circular and conical spell effects
Variable icon rotation
Marching order display
Party grouping
Drawn items with textures or solid colors
Distance measurement at map scale
Round / Initiative / Attack / Event counter
Keyboard chat macros
Multi-level concealment with light radius
Optionally password protect your game sessions
Hit Point, Experience and stat management
Icon tracking/centering
Integrated dice roller
Unlimited dice expressions
HTML / Text / Image viewer
Public and private chat
SI (metric) or English units for scaling/measurement
XML import from eTools